Current Projects

  • MIMIC-II - NIH/NBIB funded R01 project entitled "Integrating Data, Models & Reasoning in Critical Care", led by Profs. Roger Mark, Peter Szolovits, and George Verghese.
    • Collaboration with clinical researchers to perform signal processing and data mining on the MIMIC-II database.
    • MIMIC-II back-end maintenance and systems administration.
    • Front end development for the public interface to MIMIC-II.
    • Collection and integration of new data.
  • PhysioNet - NCRR funded "research resource for complex physiologic signals", headed by George Moody, Roger Mark, and Ary Goldberger.

Previous Projects

  • Functional OXide Discovery (FOXD). FOXD is a pioneering combinatorial approach to materials selection and to materials research. The High Throughput Screening is based on thick-film technology and is targeted at ceramics although it can be used for other materials. The team has built a large-scale combinatorial robot based around an aspirating-dispensing ink-jet printer. Ceramic libraries can be printed, sintered and tested for a range of functional properties by the robot. The system will soon be linked to the e-science network. Led by Peter Coveney, John Kilner, Neil Alford and Julian Evans.
    • Data mining of the ceramic materials database for the development of predictive algorithms.
    • Control software for the combinatorial robot.
    • Automated data collection of the generated results.