I obtained a degree in physics from the University of Bath. My PhD thesis, titled 'The discovery of new functional oxides using combinatorial techniques and advanced data mining algorithms' was completed at the Centre for Computational Science (CCS) at University College London. Research interests include databases, data mining and machine learning. I spent 4 years in Boston, MA, USA working as a research engineer at MIT. I currently work as an infrastructure engineer at HumanLearning.

This website provides details of websites that I work on, web design projects, software development projects, Joomla! extensions, configuration guides and academic publications.

I have created a Joomla! extension (components and modules) which provides music management capabilities. It is primarily designed for artists who wish to organise and display their own work although it can also be used to manage a collection of purchased music. There is also a club component which provides management of club membership and sports teams. Both components are free to download and use on your own site.

At MIT, I worked a research engineer, responsible for development of the MIMIC-II database. I worked with clinicians to run signal processing algorithms and develop predictive models using data collected from intensive care units. I was also responsible for the back-end systems administration and development of the public interface to MIMIC-II as well as the integration and collection of new data.